About Ron Jeremy : The Musical

Come see the dress rehearsals for Ron Jeremy : The Musical. A one of a kind show that celebrates America’s greatest pornographic actor!

Ron Jeremy has brought more pleasure to more people (well, men mostly) than most of the minor prophets and deities in human history, even if it could only be measured in one or two minute spans. The man is an inspiration to not only ugly people but to really, really ugly people. His example showed them that they too could have vapid meaningless sex that would leave them with a slightly deflated feeling and a possible rash.

And now at last, someone has the temerity and chutzpah to cash in on…..sorry to celebrate the life of this extraordinary human being nicknamed “The Hedgehog” !

With incredibly catchy and memorable songs with a vibe more 70s than a platform shoe with a diagnosis of Herpes caught from a lava lamp.

There is only one Ron Jeremy and there is only one Ron Jeremy : The Musical. If there are others let us know and we’ll send the boys round with baseball bats and chocolates.

See it before it hits Broadway, or Off-Broadway, or Off-Off-Broadway….ok Macclesfield. Be there or be square Daddy-O !